Quality Policyy

    About Production;
    - E.m.n. Textile, combing all kinds is giving up speed in the manufacture of the model range of coated / uncoated
    T-shirts, Dresses can be expanded as tights. In-house production segment, sewing, ironing and packaging units
    Under embroidery / screen printing and manufactured yarns such as cleaning the outside in and contribute in the production. In this way it is referred done on the monthly production of 200,000 units.
    Safe Work;
    - On certain days of the week in our company involved in health personnel (doctors) all necessary measures to eliminate the discomfort to pass the entire staff of our health examination showed the Assurance holds the # 1 company continues to serve at the highest level in the study area in this konudada.
    Job security Our expert: certain days of the week, our professional staff is involved in work safety in our work with our company to minimize the level of work-related accidents between the backhoe is also one of the most important elements.